Genlin, a.k.a Peng Hong Ling, now named Hiroshi Horiike, his footsteps has spread all over the world during his business traveling in the past years. The sense of visual and interest of photography thus has been aroused. Themes from landscapes and historic heritages, different cultures and traditions are stories of his sketchbook and he was being stimulated entirely to be an adventurer for the history and the mystery of those heritages around the world.

Damage and erosion by human or nature happened everyday in many Natural and Cultural Heritages. Some of them are being inscribed on the list of World Heritage in UNESCO and were being concerned and protected thereof. UNESCO is putting a great effort and work force on restoration of the heritages to bring back the brilliance and gorgeousness in their old days. Genlin is deeply inspired and hence Genlin World Heritage Foundation (GWHF) has been established in 2005. It aims to encourage protection, promotion and development of World Heritage by conducting relative charitable activities.


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